Buying retail versus online

Gaming Irresponsibly's Frank Moricz recants an experience with a well known retailer and the importance of staying informed.

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Dynasty20212797d ago

Had this same argument in a Sony store as well.

And, ironically, I ended up doing the exact same thing to him with my iPhone. Pulled up and showed him the exact same cable for a reduced price at £25 or near abouts, and the cable in store was £89.99

I asked him for a reason why I shouldnt buy from Amazon, to which he clearly had no reply. Wouldnt even offer me a deal if I bought it with the BluRay player I was buying, which, granted, was cheaper than anywhere else I could find online.

He was talking about how the gold plating increases picture quality etc, so I showed him a site showing how cable-type doesnt REALLY affect quality.

It does annoy me in stores when they think they know best.

I remember buying a new wifi-reciever (dongle) for my Belkin N1 router, and I knew any make would recieve it, because the dongle I had (which got broken when coming home from Uni) WASN'T an official Belkin, I had had it for about 4 years and it worked with any router I've tried to connect it to.
The guy in the store was adamant that, once he found out I had a Belkin router, that only a Belkin reciever would work.

I couldnt even be arsed to argue, so I told him to do some research before you rip people off, and that it's store employee's incompetency and higher prices that are forcing shops on the high-streets to close.

Reborn2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

In some cases, I'm just baffled about it.

I walked into HMV, and saw AC: Brotherhood for £42. I was literally like, O.O. I mean, I can understand £20-30. But, £42? I know I could easily pull up a place like ShopTO, or something, and find it for roughly £19 (not on sale).

I guess its business, but thats just mind-boggling.

BlmThug2797d ago

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DeeBee2797d ago

I too prefer to shop online verses retail for the same reasons in the article and what you guys have already said. I really hate walking into a store and have some fresh-out-of-high school kid try to give me advice on what I should buy when it comes to tech related products. I haven't been working in the tech industry for 10 years, and hold a couple of degrees, to have some kid who barely has a high school diploma try to think he/she knows better.

Taking that away, if you can escape the pushy sales people, you have the prices. I know, unless there is some sale on, I can pretty much find anything online for cheaper than I can buy it at retail (including delivery costs). Just take Walmart, I can buy things cheaper on their website than I can at their store ... I can even buy something from their online site and have it delivered (free) to my local store, saving me even more. How crazy is that LOL

So yeah, buying online is a whole lot better. You avoid the "helpful" employees and you get cheaper prices. This has been a known fact for years, yet retail acts like something else is the problem with their declining sales LOL