Dragon’s Den: The Official Game Revealed

DR Studios have today revealed the forthcoming videogame debut of the hit television series, Dragon’s Den. Currently in development for iOS formats, Dragon’s Den: The Official Game is set to launch ‘very soon’.

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Brewski0072805d ago

Dont put more money into the pockets of these, already filthy rich, people and buy a game that'll surely be a half arsed attempt at some stupid concept to just make a few extra bucks.

Octo12805d ago

Wow! I would like to meet the person that pitched this and actually got people to buy in this idea and convinced people that it would make a good game. Don't get me wrong, I like the show but I can't even imagine how this would make a good game.

Apocwhen2804d ago

Have the Dragon's Den investors already invested in this game?
If so....I'm out!

Acquiescence2804d ago

looks like Uncharted 3 has even more competition for GOTY now.

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