Super Easy Mode: League of Legends: A New Champion Approaches, Brand, The Burning Vengeance

"It’s that time again, when Riot Games sends out yet another champion, Brand, The Burning Vengeance. He seems to be a ranged Mage/Nuke. His abilities seem to rely on his opponents being set “ablaze” , which means that anytime Brand attacks an enemy, they are set ablaze, and all of his abilities are designed to be used in succession to deal massive damage fast while enemies are on fire."- Instant Karma

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AmigoSniped2805d ago

I'm really considering getting into LoL. Is it a good idea?

maxcavsm2805d ago

Beats the hell out of DOTA; just feels better and more fleshed out...although I'll be interested to see Valve's take on DOTA 2.

JATOSIN2805d ago

I really need to start playing this again