NGP In 2011 Reconfirmed In Market Research

According to US investment company Lazard Capital Markets which has published a report on Sony’s successor to the PSP, the upcoming Sony NGP handheld is set for a 2011 launch, reaffirming previous reports it will arrive this year.

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extermin8or2799d ago

I approved it although the resistance ngp game is not resistance 3... so things like that make me doubt the reliability of the article lol although if they yet again leave the uk/europe to be the last to release it by a good margin of time I'm going to be pretty pissed off, fed up of being last -_- movies are often later than the usa even on occasion ones made by British companies, music often last, games almost always last etc -_-

Shikoro2799d ago

I really don't see the reason why they can't do a simultaneous worldwide launch. If it's coming out in the US this holiday season it shouldn't take them too long to release it in Europe.

Concerning the price, it's not going to be anywhere near the PS3's price. Stop being delusional, people. If iPhone 4's BOM is around $180, NGP's can't be over $270-290.
When you include packaging, marketing costs etc. the price point should be $300 at max.

I said this a number of times, but with market adoption NGP's production costs will shrink fast, like really fast - and that is because of the OLED. It's Blu-ray all over again. They could also sell at a small loss, which is likely to be the case. They just need the right software to justify whatever the price is.

Rant over. :P

f7897902799d ago

I LOVE OLED screens. The only thing that stops them is direct sunlight.

extermin8or2799d ago

I'm betting it will be about $300 and slightly more over here as they never do a direct conversion :p and tbh with many of their factories shutting for several weeks and the power issues in japan I'd be surprised if we get a launch this year anywhere, I'm not sure how much is being made over their, heard the cpu etc was being made by uk company in uk, but I would expect they'd assemble in japan or something :s

jay22799d ago

Yep, November US/Japan, March for us in the UK, mark my words.

extermin8or2799d ago

it really really annoys me how we usually get the short end of the stick, SCEE rarely do anything better than SCEA ever -_- at least I'm in uk unlike these poor eu countries that sony seem to forget about when it comes to the psn :/

JoeIsMad2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Sony is only doing what is best for their company. You can see that they make their sales strategy a higher priority where their products sell more quickly and popularly over time. Japan is their primary user base, and rightfully so, but having had half of their PlayStation Network logins coming from North America (As mentioned in the article) it might be obvious as to why they launch in the region rather than in Europe first.

extermin8or2799d ago

ues although despite the number of psn accounts; there are mre ps3's sold in the eu last time i saw figures posted on here, multiple psn accounts do exist :p and I would expect them to release 1st in japan I'd just like the usa and uk releases to be around the same time as in days or week as opposed to months for once, if I'm wrong and there are more sales in the usa I'm pretty certain that the ratio of sales to population is likely higher in europe :p

Misterhbk2799d ago

I really hope this is true. No offense to you guys in the UK, but I'm the the USA and I want my NGP now! Even if the damn thing cost me 599 US Dollars (which it wont) I'm still buying it.

pain777pas2799d ago

Sadly I agree. I will spend to get this system day one. The problem is that we have to be careful because there are Sony trolls everywhere trying to guage our interest. I hope for 250 wifi and 299 wifi and 3G.

Whitey2k2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

screw america!! send it to Europe 1st!! look how excellent the ps3 is doing there give it 2 americans in march

Masterchef20072799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

"Sony showed a few NGP games during the analyst event including Uncharted, Socom 4, Twisted Metal, Resistance 3 and Infamous 2."

So what games did they show off?

I really hope the NGP comes out this year in Spain im dying to play some FF7 on it. Oh and if Wipeout is a launch title i will be picking that up day one.

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