Front Towards Gamer Radio Episode 49: Aaron Jungjohann from The Behemoth

Shanghai Six sits down with Aaron Jungjohann, level designer for The Behemoth. Oh, you know The Behemoth. Does the name Castle Crashers ring a bell? Of course it does; it is literally the largest selling downloadable title on Xbox Live and Playstation Network. So, FTG had to sit down with Aaron and try to figure out just what in the hell their next title, Battleblock Theater, is all about, why it took an extra three years to port Castle Crashers to the PSN, and why Dan Paladin’s character designs all look like animatronic sugar cubes?

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Fir3truck2799d ago

Great interview Shanghai.

AmigoSniped2799d ago

Great to hear from the behemoth guys. Great team

maxcavsm2799d ago

Very nicely done. This dev house is a complete mystery; wonder when Battleblock is coming out if it took them three years to port Castle Crashers to PSN?

TheStonedSheep2799d ago

Hmm; evil cats on an island who make you do theatre shows? Interesting.