Top 10 Best Mortal Kombat Fatalities

CJ Smillie of Game Rant writes, "Out of all the bloodiest, goriest, downright nastiest fatalities to ever appear in a Mortal Kombat game, which ones were the best of the best? We count down the top ten Mortal Kombat fatalities."

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zeeshan2684d ago

God I love MK but how can you leave Kung Lao epic fatality when he slices his opponent in two by dragging his body to his razor sharp hat?

distorted_reality2684d ago

I know it's different game, but my favourite finishing move of all time was in Killer Instinct.

Great list though :)

Relientk772684d ago

Awesome I agree that finisher's the best

protekjv2684d ago

Sub-zero wins
Flawless Vic-

Kos-Mos2684d ago

Well observed. I was thinking about that too:)

belal2684d ago

BUT, no one has seen the fatalaty that kratos has, i wonder how brutal that will be?

DarthBigE2684d ago

I have a feeling its going to be him ripping someones head off like he did to Helios in GOW3. If you watch his trailer you can see him hit Syndel to her knees, then he starts to walk over behind her...but i would like him to beat peoples face in like he does to Hercules in GOW3, but keep him beating their face in until game returns to the character select screen!

Kos-Mos2684d ago

What about Shang Tsung`skeleton clap?

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