PSP Hardware Outsells 3DS For Second week ending April 10

Sony's PSP led the Japanese hardware sales charts this week, holding off the Nintendo 3DS for the second week running.

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RememberThe3572799d ago

Damn, the NGP is gonna kill in Japan. It's gonna be like the PS3 launch in the US. People getting shot. Buildings on fire. Babys crying. Complete chaos.

Kamikaze1352799d ago

I think it has more to do with price and actually having games. The 3DS is new, doesn't any great games out (besides professor layton and street fighter), and is expensive. The NGP will definitely be even more expensive so expect bash articles on this site 2 minutes after the NGP gets released.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2799d ago

Par for the course.

I don't know if I'll be getting the ngp at launch. Depends on the games. But I'm DEFINITELY gonna have it.

darthv722798d ago

how is the psp selling against the dsi/lite? Price is a factor if you think about it. People are trying to spin this to their own liking but 3ds is expensive for a portable. It is not selling so hot against itself either and many are forgetting that little fact.

Yet because it is the newest it is the only thing they have to compare against the psp. NGP wont sell as well if it too is priced high. Remember people, there arent competing with just each other but with themselves.

Popularity of the ds lite and psp are going to be factors in how the 3ds and ngp are received. It wont matter what kind of technical value these new ones offer. Its about the recognition of the popular models and the selection of titles as much as it is price.

badz1492798d ago

"how is the psp selling against the dsi/lite?"

what do you mean by THAT? have you seen the chart for Japan lately? even 360 sold more than DS lite and both DSi combined still several thousands below the PS3!

PSP has been the best selling platform in Japan for several months in a row now and only beaten for the month when 3DS were released and now back again on top!

in Japan, it's almost always not about the price, it's about the GAMES! if it's about price, 360 would have long been dominating but that's not the case! DS and Wii were Japan best selling because of games but now, many great games are on PSP and PS3 thus both trump in their category at the moment!

I hope Sony is seeing this trend and release the NGP with popular games across all region! CoD in NA, Monster Hunter in Japan and FIFA/GT for Europe all on day 1 and NGP is set dominate the handheld market!

Iroquois_Pliskin2799d ago

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL psp is outselling the 3DS, the best handheld ever LOL!

Big_Dom2799d ago

More to do with price and the fact that the country got hit with one of the biggest natural disasters in the history of mankind. Yes. Yes, I think that could be it.

NeoBasch2798d ago

Then PSP sales should have dropped too, but they've been pretty steady these last few months. Last week saw an explosion in sales, just in time for the 3DS. Obviously, you haven't been following the sales.

Everyone feels badly for them, but they're pretty resilient. Not much seems to be affected in terms of hardware sales.

eagle212799d ago

not by much while 3DS almost hit a million sold worldwide last week according to vgchartz which even though it's vg, 3DS whoops psp.

Trroy2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

VGC usually overestimates Nintendo and MS numbers, and underestimates Sony. Their regular corrections/adjustments are almost always "MS down, Nintendo down, Sony up".

hoops2799d ago

This has to do with price. The 3DS is almost twice the price of the PSP and the 3DS has little to no games because it just came out. Then when you factor in the economy, high oil prices, unemployment increases, this is no surprise a $250 handheld is not selling as well as a $120 handheld that has more games and cheaper ones at that.
This is not rocket science folks, it's plain economics.

MagicGamer2799d ago

Well said hoops. Here's a bubble!

Trroy2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

The PSP is also outselling the DS, at least in some regions -- basically everywhere but America. Kinda a hole in your theory. A big one.

hoops2799d ago

And the cost of the PSP is also cheaper than the DSi right now. In Canada for example the PSP can be bought in many places for $120 or even less now in some places downtown!
The DSi and the larger model are $20-$45 more. If not higher. They are still selling for $139-$169+

So sorry to burst your bubble, but my theory of economics in this tight economy holds true.
But carry on....with your "hole in your theory..."

Trroy2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )


So... you're going to tell me how PSP games are cheaper next, right? Lots of people buying systems with no games, too?

Your theory is weak, at best. The 3DS is a brand new system, that has plentiful supply. It should have appeal if consumers were interested. Sure, price is a factor, but its not the only one -- and um.. won't it always be expensive, relative to the PSP?

You could make the same argument to state that price was the sole reason that the DS outsold the PSP for so many years... except it wasn't, was it? Simple economics, right? Lol.

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