Torchlight on sale for $3.75

Direct2Drive is currently selling the PC version of Torchlight for $3.75. The mac version does not seem to be available.


This Deal has Expired! Sorry!!!

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ThatEnglishDude2773d ago

WTF. It said $3.75. I put it in my cart, log in and just before I hit checkout, it says 'Torchlight price has changed from $3.75 to $14.95' URGH I was literally seconds late.
That blows...

Ducky2773d ago

You mean you don't check D2D every single day? =p

Been doing that for the past week due to their 30-days of sales.

DelbertGrady2773d ago

Great game. Got it for the 360.

plb2773d ago

I just picked up Borderlands GOTY for $7.99 on Steam.

Ducky2773d ago

Magicka is pretty cool too.. if you're into that kinda gamestyle.

Interestingly, D2D's deal for today is Bioshock2 at 75% off. Now where else have I seen that before? :D