Assassins Creed 3: What To Expect

"With Brotherhood being unanimously considered one of the best games of last year, it's safe to say that we gamers are united in anticipation for the next Assassin's Creed title. "

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tdogchristy902800d ago

I really am hoping for a satisfying conclusion. As the author said it's been said to be a trilogy. As AC is a franchise I really enjoy I just don't want to see it be destroyed by being a game that never ends. Sure spin offs are welcome but I'm hoping for a conclusion to the current story.

Yi-Long2800d ago

... I really don't give a shite about the whole Desmond story.

I would have been perfectly OK with the AC series just focussing solely on Altair and Enzo and in the next game a new assassin, without the whole sci-fi blanket-plot hovering over it.

Especially because the Desmond sections lack ANY interesting gameplay, nor interesting characters.

Lamarthedancer2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

"Especially because the Desmond sections lack ANY interesting gameplay, nor interesting characters."

Well there not supposed to are they. The main focus is when you play Altair/Ezio.

The reason theres a "sci-fi blanket-plot" is because they planed it as a trilogy and were hopeing to make Desmond playable in AC3 when he becomes the assassin.

Obviously times have changed since they've realised how much money there making on it

tdogchristy902800d ago


See that's my worry, that because of money the story will never end and it'll ruin it. Yeah if you want to make more spin offs or do other stories go for it. But finish this story and quit while you're ahead. Don't ruin it by going the "land before time" route.

I thought bungie did a great job of this with Halo so I'm hoping for something similar on ac3.

egidem2800d ago

A satisfying conclusion would be very good. It is a trilogy and it should remain that way. I love this franchise very much and I don't want it to go the Call of Duty way.

This way they can put it to rest for now and pick it up in a couple of years with say a brand new subject and storyline or do something awesome with it. :)

the_best_player2800d ago

should it not be Assassins Creed 4?

Kon_Artist 2800d ago

Brotherhood didn't count, i think it was just a way of them to get the setting for assassins creed right.

i think 3 will start off with the brother hood already a large and powerful organization.

tdogchristy902800d ago

ACB is considered more of a spin off than part of the trilogy. Kind of like odst is to halo.

Eamon2800d ago

Actually brotherhood is definitely not considered a spin-off.

It's relevance to the main story is as significant as the other numbled titles.

I'm very sure they would have named ACB as AC3 if it was set in another setting. But because they kept Ezio and Italy, they felt that it can't be a numbered title.

So storywise, ACB is kinda like AC2.5 or if you don't give the numbers any credit then it's AC3. But spiritually it isn't because it's not in a new setting.

Spinoffs of AC franchise include the one on PSP and DS.

Assassin's Creed III will be in a new setting.

Yi-Long2800d ago

... feudal Japan or old China would be awesome, with all the clans and different martial arts and stuff.

Also a gorgeous setting.

DragonKnight2800d ago

That would make sense wouldn't it? I mean, history's most recognized assassins should be in an AC game wouldn't you think? But no, it's more than likely that AC3 will be set in some god awful "more modern" era like the American Civil War. Because that's what AC needs. More guns. *rolls eyes*

Ancient China would be epic, but we won't be getting that because as usual, devs think they know what we like better than we do.

Lucreto2800d ago

It could happen but they would have to finish off desmonds story and find another assassin as Desmond is more european leaning.

DragonKnight2800d ago

Altair was Arabic, Ezio was Italian, ethnicity doesn't seem to be much of an issue here.

guigsy2800d ago

I thought that Assassin's Creed was going to be a trilogy, but I get the feeling now that they're going to start milking it. In their defense there are lots of interesting settings that they could use, and as long as they're quality games and keep adding new features, which they have done thus far. However, Assassin's Creed shouldn't be franchise of yearly installments.

Quagmire2799d ago

How is it milking when each game has been better than the last? AC was sold in 2007, AC2 in 2009, and ACB in 2010. Yes we may be getting AC3 this year, but consider how easy it was to make ACB from the already existing assests found in AC2. Im guessing the main team were working on AC3 since AC2, with another team working specifically on Brotherhood.

Either way, AC3 will be an epic game, you can count on it, with better gameplay, better story, and better setting.