Qriocity Available Today

Sony has announced that Qriocity is now available today for the PlayStation Portable system (PSP) and supported BRAVIA TV's.

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Christopher2804d ago

Wonder why it's country restricted?

Also, Qriocity via the Web is the best way to see all of your PSN purchases (movies, tv shows, music, comic books, and the usual very lengthy PSN game/theme/avatar/dlc items).

earbus2804d ago

Finally the psp has dropped in price in australia $188 is getting close to the price id pay new.

Close_Second2804d ago

Until the streaming does not count towards your monthly broadband usage this service will not succeed. Also, its pointless on the PSP as there are not enough free wifi hotspots to keep the service going whilst you're on the move.

Masterchef20072803d ago

You know what would totally own? Netflix for the NGP.