Critical Gamer: Duke Nukem: Critical Mass Review

Critical Gamer writes: While everyone was busy pretending to be surprised at the latest Duke Nukem Forever delay, Apogee Software (who first birthed Mr Nukem) and Deep Silver snuck a brand new handheld adventure starring The Duke onto shop shelves. So is Critical Mass an FPS, a platform shooter, a third-person shooter, or a top down shooter? Answer: Yes.

In an admirable attempt at variety, Frontline have forced different genres to sit side-by-side and give one another dirty looks in the same game. Most of your time will be spent in the 2D platform shooter levels which, while utilising 3D polygons for the characters and most of the environments, are heavily pixellated and none too pretty. It’s still easy to see what’s going on, though – this game has much bigger problems to worry about.

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