New Ocarina of Time 3DS screens and classic high-res art

Just one day after its official release date was announced (June 19), Ocarina of Time 3D returns to the spotlight with a batch of new screens and some deliciously high-res art we haven't seen since the N64 days. There's not much else to say, really - take a peek below.

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xstation792803d ago

Games like this make me really want a 3DS

TheROsingleB2803d ago

This game is the only reason I want a 3DS currently; though down the line, the AR stuff will probably be really cool too. But Zelda first and foremost.

eagle212803d ago

Day 1. :)

*doing the MC Hammer*

AWBrawler2803d ago

I own this 3 different ways, but I still want this one, but if it comes out too close to Kid Icarus 3, I'll have to pass on it unless I can afford both.