Black Ops weapon DLC is a "logistical nightmare" - Treyarch

OXM UK: "A Call of Duty: Black Ops weapons pack isn't "possible" due to "technological limitations", according to community manager Josh Olin."

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ardivt2802d ago

"But that's not possible - it's a technological limitation. Even if we gave them away for free, not everyone would download the pack"

they could make it a patch so everybody who wants to play online needs to download it.
your argument is invalid treyarch.

RedSoakedSponge2802d ago

I was coming up with the exact same point. Do these developers think gamers are idiots? Because it sure looks like it.

nycrekid2802d ago

These guys are retards.

HBK6192802d ago

Exact same thing I was thinking. But to be fair, Olin isn't someone who thinks on his feet in interviews, he seems like a reclusive person and I'm VERY surprised he is actually the community manager with the way he speaks and acts. Very unprofessional attitude all round from him imo.

"Even if we gave them away for free, not everyone would download the pack"

It's like they come up for an excuse that they don't even need to. Obviously if it was actual DLC then it would be a logistical nightmare, but if you patch it in for everyone then EVERYONE has it and has to have it in order to play online.

What they're saying more or less is that they don't want to give free stuff away because they'd rather figure out a way to exploit people and have them pay money for additional weapons.

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retrofly2802d ago

Yes, I'm guessing a mandatory patch with the extra weapons wouldnt be that big. Then unlock the weapons for those who pay for the DLC.

Its been done in other games, just sounds like laziness.

retrofly2802d ago

TBO though the BFBC2 weapons were shite, just reskins, can't belive they asked people to pay money for them.

jjank112802d ago

@retrofly....the kit upgrades are actually useful because they give you camo uniforms as well. Plus it came with a bunch more achievements and awards. Everyone knew the gun was just camo-reskinned.

Vietnam on the other hand, all new experience.

What is TBO??

Finger-Eater2802d ago

See this is why you take time developing your game so you can have everything in there before launch.

RedSoakedSponge2802d ago

i just wanted to point out that the reason given, is bullshit.

guigsy2802d ago

I don't really see how. If you don't download the weapons pack then you're effectively placing yourself at a disadvantage, which I doubt any serious player would put up with.

tdrules2802d ago

Black Ops has more weapons than most FPS in the market today, and people are asking for more.
If they did do that, it would affect netcode and balance

Trunkz Jr2802d ago

So wait, they can't do weapon packs but they claim they can do the same things BF3 can do? lmao!

tdrules2802d ago

does BF3 have weapon packs, I'm confused?

why should Black Ops need weapon packs when it has at least 30 weapons already?

what do you think is missing in terms of weapons, I'm fucking intrigued

vickers5002802d ago

Black Ops should have classic weapon packs. The sniper rifle selection in Black Ops is just terrible. There's only one freaking bolt action, the rest are just crappy, weak semi-automatics.

Even though I've grown to hate CoD games, one good thing I can say about them is that they always have the best weapons/weapon customization.

faysal2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

30+ weapons and only 5 of them are been used and rest are just there to fill the category.
and BFBC2 has more weapons then BO.

--------2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

It's the miniscule change in portability, the design of the iron sights and the sound of the gun that trick the poor guys who actually still play this game.

faysal2802d ago

@jmorgan well described mate :)

turbidDwarf2802d ago

I use most of them. It's fun to try and get a good game from a mediocre weapon.

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