Movemodo review: Dungen Hunter: Alliance (PSN / PlayStation Move)

Quoting Movemodo's Christopher Ingram:

"Years have passed since the dank smell of dungeon corridors filled our noses, and the blood dripped from the tip of our swords from the slain monsters that lie upon our feet, but that is about to change. Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is here, and it’s time to pull that dusty old armour out of the cellar and step into the world of Gothicus."

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Close_Second2798d ago

I agree with this score. Sure its no Diablo however, its a solid RPG that's actually fun to play.

If it were a full price retail game then I'd mark it down but 8/10 seems about right.

InfectedDK2798d ago

Yep, I agree with the score.

jneul2798d ago

cool i may buy it then