The 3DS problem: why we could be looking at a failure

3DS launched last month to enormous fanfare and some large sales, but interest has already vapourised in Japan and analysts are predicting the same for international markets. Are we looking at another GameCube?

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ComboBreaker2805d ago

It's basically just annother DS, not worthy of such a high price.

firefoxprime2805d ago

@ComboBreak & soren:

Honestly, I disagree with both of you. The 3DS is a great piece of tech, and future games are gonna be stellar(leaning to the fighters,action-rpgs, racers[burnout/nfs])

And the NGP? You must be stupid/ignorant fanboy to disregard the amazing capabilities of the NGP. The graphics, online capabilities, etc. If you don't get an NGP, your missin out kid. Same for 3DS.

3D Gaming.
HD Gaming.

PygmelionHunter2805d ago

Yeah, if it was up to these guys, the gaming industry would not even move a step forward, because by their logic, each new console that comes out is basically the same as the one before but with tacked on features...

SonyNGP2805d ago

*insert "and X2 is just another X1" reply followed by /s*

soren2805d ago

i disagree with this 100% of course if a ds its the next gen ds? samething with the psp2 its just a psp with 2 anolog sticks and that will soon be filled with first person shooters? and u may ask why devlopers want to make psp2 games while they can make them on the p23 and 360? do you know what this means? ports ports and more ports and if you want to say the 3ds isent pritty? the psp2 is discusting looking it looks like a zooped up gba and to bulky? the psp2 is also huuuuge have you seen that thing? i wonder how its going to fit in yoour pocket at all ya say 3ds cant fit in ur pocket then how come i can fit it in mine? hmm yet i find the 9 inch psp very hard to fit in my pocket oh yeah psp2 looks like its about a foot long lol

AWBrawler2805d ago

wow such flames! For shame Soren, behaving like a Sony fan!

Nobody even mentioned the NGP. And what's with all these failure articles? 3DS is doing good.