The Witcher 2 screens have kings, castles and swamp monsters

Going on the footage we’ve seen so far, The Witcher 2 is going to be a fine looking game. Don’t believe me? Check out the latest batch of screenshots, featuring frog men, swamp monsters and good old fashioned castle. [Tom Senior]

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ATiElite2801d ago

Well they kept it a secret for a while but The Witcher 2 seems to use DX11. Not a lot of Tessellation but everything else like Parallax Mapping, Deferred Rendering, and multiple lighting effects are all present and even Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (even HQSSAO).

This looks pretty dam good. I so can't wait to play the RPG GOTY!

Perkel2800d ago

Lol that game use only DX9 dude :)

There is no tesselation only har work :)

Funny part is that game look like no other and still is working well on 2 cores with 260GTx 2 GB Ram.

Those texures are razor sharp so 1 GB on your graphicCard is must :)

Perjoss2800d ago

a team of good artists can make almost any game engine look great

Solid_Snake-2800d ago

totally agree. this game is looking amazing and its gonna give skyrim a good run for its money. day 1 for me.

cant wait.

bozebo2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

There is no tessellation in any of those screenshots (or at least, they havn't applied it well). Look at the bottom of the log wall on the left in the last screenshot. I think they plan on enabling tessellation soon enough judging by how they made that geometry - if they wern't planning on detail tessellation from the texture info then the logs would involve physical polygons at a pre-shader level.

I highly doubt TW2 uses deferred rendering... many graphics experts have doubted it's effectiveness on newer PC hardware (ie, DX11 generation performance) - it is generally used to get better looks from console graphics chips with some small sacrifices. Though if they have stated that they are using deferred rendering then I will be surprised and dissapointed. Maby they have 2 rendering engines or something fancy like that :P

sonicsidewinder2800d ago

Hope my 9800gtx+ can hold up lol.

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