1UP: 11 Things You'll See in Resistance 3 That You Didn't See Before

1UP: Our quick rundown of some of the bigger differences separating Resistance 3 from its predecessors.

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milohighclub2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

environment Rendering.

Max Power2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Um, Joseph isn't a Sentinel anymore, and he was cured of the chimeran virus and now is a normal civilian with military training, right?

otherZinc2719d ago


Where the hell is THAT!

Max Power2719d ago

You saw it in the first one.

gunnerforlife2719d ago

so what their is gone be campaign co-op then yeah just like in the first game??

thief2719d ago

read the headline
"Things....That You Didn't See Before"
Its a welcome return from resiatnce 1 though, along with the weapon wheel and health packs. Pity they droped the 8-player coop from R2, taht was sweet.

MidnytRain2719d ago

I felt that they were really easy, so they got boring quickly. Even when the health pools of the enemies were turned up to compensate for the seven additional players, it was still pretty simple to see the end of every level provided the game was full. You could always play on Superhuman difficulty, but it still wasn't all that hard. I do wish online co-op would return, but in a more focused way. In R2, it seems Insomniac had a "more = better" mentality.

Mutley4162719d ago

Love meh Some Insomniac games!!!!

a 40mm and sniper all i need in my so called life...:(

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