HD DVD moves forward with dual recorders, 51GB disc, twin format

Variety newsweekly Video Business reports on 10/11/2007:

The DVD Forum is readying launches of HD DVD recorders that burn to both standard-definition media (DVD-Rs) and new higher-capacity 51GB disc (HD DVD-Rs) configurations.

Mark Knox (Toshiba technology adviser) also reiterated that the Forum is nearing finalization of a triple-layer 51GB disc specification.

Also in the HD DVD development pipeline is a 'twin format.' In this twist on the HD DVD-DVD combo, there are two layers of HD DVD and one layer of standard-definition sitting on the same side of the disc. With the current HD DVD/DVD combo, the HD DVD and standard-definition DVD sit on opposite sides of the same disc.

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xhi44079d ago

I'm extremely happy about Toshiba endeavouring to enhance the HD-DVD storage space to 51 GB. Good on them! But I'll stick to Blu-Ray and it's 100 GB disc, which as Hitachi stated "requires only a simple firmware update" for it to work. But yeah, good on Toshiba for trying i say!

cuco334079d ago

but for a storage medium, BD100 and TL51 HD disks are going to be expensive for quite some time. We as a masses won't be adopting either for a long time

Don't forget that Toshiba sold a TON of laptops last year (that are also FAR better quality than the craptastic Sony VAIOs, I know this because I have a Vaio and it is sh*t). Both camps will include their own players/burners in laptops soon and this will only add more fuel to the fanboy fire as well as confuse the masses even more. Blame the confusion on the BDA. Congrads fellas

ktchong4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

I submitted two news side-by-side at about the same time: one is a positive HD DVD news, and the other one is a positive Blu-ray news. They even first showed up in the waiting-for-approval pile right next to each other. (The other one is here:

It's interesting that one (positive Blu-ray news) got approved quickly right away, and this one is still sitting here almost an hour later. And I'm expecting all the Sony fanboys to start reporting this is "Lame" "Spam" "Old", and "Duplicate Story" at any moment now, while crying foul and say this is biased.

xhi44079d ago

your comment and I'm like, what the hell? is he for real?...

And then after my 5 minutes of confusion as to why the hell you would think that, i looked up a bit, and saw it was 'The Round Peg' who wrote it......and it all...makes...complete sense.

cheers mate.

ktchong4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

It's been an hour, and this is still sitting here, and that one has been approved an hour ago. Both were submitted at about the same time. Heck, they even showed up right next to each other when they first appeared together.

Is that not true?

(I'm not referring to you anyway, since you did quickly approved BOTH this and that news.)

Makroyale4079d ago

Relax buddy... It's not like it was ground breaking news anyway...

ktchong4079d ago

Neither is that one, really.

diatom4079d ago

Not to be a partisan, but this isn't exactly gaming news... The PS3 plays blu-rays which make blu storys marginally relevant... Most X-Box guys don't really give a hoot about HD-DVD as their console doesn't have a built in player...

ktchong4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

But this would get submitted sooner or later anyway, and whoever submitted this news would make an enemy out of Sony fanboys . Might as well be me.

I like being their enemies.

BloodySinner4079d ago

We don't care about neither formats. Because we're more interested in GAMES and than silly formats. Of course, since you currently have nothing to play, you would be interested in formats and Blu-Ray movies, wouldn't you?

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chrno4079d ago

I can understand why ps3 guys care about bl-ray since it's a medium for games, but why do xbox guys care about HD-dvd when the format isn't medium for their games?

plexdk4079d ago

It's supported by microsoft as an accessory... therefor, like loyal fans of microsoft and their products / supported medias, it interests them, since microsoft's attempt to take over the world, is in their best interest..

*shrugs* ....

xhi44079d ago

it's relevant to N4G as part of the 'tech' section, like how Televisions and such get into N4G. Same goes for Zune etc.

Know what i mean?

OmegaKulu4079d ago

good for HD-DVD, finally making an effort on burner and using it as a storage media. That said, it will be hard for them to compete still for BD have a pretty good head start with their burners. (and the 4layer BD if it came true)

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