90° Mortal Kombat banned downunder says: Yes -- The Australian Classification Board has hit again, well to be fair it is not exactly their fault as they are only doing their job. The Australian government has failed to allow an R18+ classification for video games and it now one of the only countries to do this.

The latest victim of this absurd classification system is Mortal Kombat with the following statement from Warner Brothers:

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Mr Tretton2800d ago

Never understood why Aus is so conservative

zeksta2800d ago

It's astounding, the people here simply break every rule, and yet they ban a game for some slight violence.. -_-

thats_just_prime2800d ago

I hate to be an aussie gamer. I guess it not a big surprise that Mortal Kombat is being banned once again it the whole reason we have a rating system to start with

Pozzle2798d ago

The weird thing is, we're really not all that conservative. Heck, movies that are rated R18+ in other countries are usually only given M15 ratings here (I think Saw is only an M15 series over here). So it's bizarre that so many games are being banned here, even though much more violent and gruesome movies are being rated for teens.

stonecold32800d ago

dosent worry man i brought my copy on ebay and im going to play mortal kombat in its glory. the goverment has no rights to tell me what to play and what not to play as far as im concerned im an adult not a kid any more. and i have rights what i can play and having some goverment saying no you cant play mortal kombat. i vote these people and they force us to vote in this country its stupid

Hellsvacancy2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Good for you buddy, SCREW the goverment and ALL goverments around the world, tellin me what i can/cant play, smoke, drink, watch etc, yea right, i didnt listen to my parents all those years ago so what chance do you think thiose mofos stand, lol, NONE

Ive NEVER voted, you gotta be bloody stupid if you hav coz youve only yourself to blame

Quagmire2800d ago

^^You is the E-Thug!

But yea, sucks for Aussie gamers. Funny considering the country itself should be considered R18 what with all the Shark and Croc attacks, dingo's stealing babies and big mutherfucking spiders so huge they have their own freaking health bars!

Quagmire2800d ago

Obvious comment is obvious.