Xbox 360 Gets A Face Lift

DP: It's a shame the "new" Xbox 360 is only comes in the standard glossy black; instead of that common dull look, how about you upgrade to something more exciting.

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Trackboss2805d ago

That green one looks awesome, I love the controller placement on the side

Relientk772805d ago

I really like the blue one, probably cuz its my fav color. But I also like the red and green ones as well, they'll all sweet

NaiNaiNai2805d ago

This is old news.

how did it get reposted?

Trackboss2805d ago

The 360 Vaults just started shipping out today

NaiNaiNai2805d ago

Its still not news.

Its been know for awhile of the facelift and the date.

Its even been posted on here.

jim00zzxx2805d ago

lets face it, i think they should stop messing around with the look or size, and just get the thing to run for more then 2 hours without exploding!
my 360 had the red ring of death late last year and i will not replace it now until a all new console comes out (be it MS or Sony)

OhMyGandhi2805d ago

just got a new one a month and a half ago, and have had no problems with it....

But yeah, cool designs. Do like the controller cradle thing on the side.

rezzah2805d ago

I agree with the controller hanger on the side. Very unique and interesting. Something I wasn't nor anyone wasn't expecting yet it should be obvious in a way.

However if you don't have space and have to lay the 360 on its' side then it is pointless. But it still has its new design.

xstation792805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

My 360 slim runs for about 9 hours a day since july 2010.

BiggCMan2805d ago

Just being a little nosey here, but do you get out much? 9 hours a day? When you put in sleeping hours, then school or work, there's not much left.

NoobJobz2805d ago

Stallion83, is that you?

rataranian2805d ago

Clarify which version you have. Cause there's no sense in even mentioning this problem unless its on the new slim ones.

jim00zzxx2804d ago

xbox360 fat died after 17 months and then a xbox360 s slim died after 5 Month, any good will MS had is totally gone.
infact if any fanboy started to preach at me about xbox in my face (in the real world) i would find it very hard not to smash there face in with a bat, i feel massively angry about this red ring of death nonsense.

Rybakov2805d ago

would be almost cool if it wasnt standing like your not suppose to stand any system

BiggCMan2805d ago

Consoles can either stand or lay flat man. I think the only console that ever had problems with standing up were the old Xbox 360 models because of faulty disc trays. They have fixed that now to my knowledge.

Rybakov2805d ago

yeah you can stand em up if you don't care about the stuff you buy go ahead

and ive seen problems with both 360 and ps3 non i have had cause i treat my things right.....seems like only savages don't and somehow manage to get there systems sticky, broken, anything you can think of then blame everyone else but themselves for there actions

BiggCMan2805d ago

I agree with you, I hate seeing other people treat there electronics like shit. It pisses me off that they disrespect the companies that make those items, but you know what, it's not my problem. As long as my own personal items are as perfect as they can be, I am happy. But I stand by my statement, consoles can be stood up, they are made to be either way. The only reason I don't do it is because I don't want them accidentally falling over, and I won't pay 20 dollars for a damn stand. They will however, not be affected internally.

thekiddfran2805d ago

It needs exclusives not a face lift.

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