Twisted Metal: Behind the Masks Trailer

IGN:"Ever wonder what Sweet Tooth really looks like or why Dollface is so effing crazy? Wonder no more"

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rezzah2719d ago

Omg sweet trailer!!!!

I thought they would follow the story from Black because it would make IGN look foolish for saying "why Dollface is so effing crazy?"

captain-obvious2719d ago

lol @ "it only does icecream"

epic railer non the less

clearelite2719d ago

That trailer was very intense. I wonder who was behind that. Gameplay is king. This game comes out right before my birthday. Kew? yea

Ravage272719d ago

woah lots of new footage in there!

Spenok2719d ago

Very true. This game will be awesome. I cant wait for it. Its been too long.

cr33ping_death2719d ago

anyone else notice they blacked out the girl Sweetooth was going to murder, from the previous trailer.

jon12342719d ago



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The story is too old to be commented.