Capcom files trademark for Dark Void

"If you've been curious about the tease "Prepare Yourself" in the Capcom website and you're wondering what it is, spotted something in the USPTO site that might shed more light. It's an application for the trademark "Dark Void" by the Japanese developer/publisher."

This might be the "Big Announcement" from Capcom this coming week.

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Azailex Sorrow3755d ago

i would'nt call this a "big" announcement!

MK_Red3755d ago

1. Great find.
2. Cool name. "Dark Void", I like it.

Young Capwn3755d ago

how about dead rising 2 and Lost planet 2 for PS3? thats what i wont, i wanna trade in my xbox.

Maddens Raiders3755d ago

Maybe not so big announcement. :D

ErcsYou3755d ago

my capcom wishlist: street fighter 4, a new strider, marsmatrix 2 and a 1080p 2d megaman x game...
dark void?? they better have something better than this if they want off my hit list....and SSF2HD remix doesnt count,,,....

Skerj3754d ago

Man a new 2D SFIV and a new Strider would own everything in existence. If it's not those then it better be Megaman Legends 3 or a new Onimusha.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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