SOCOM 4 'The first 15 minutes HD Video'

The opening and Mission 1 in SOCOM 4.

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chidori6662803d ago

sad this... =/

It still just doesn't feel like a SOCOM game.

jjohan352803d ago

I feel sad for Zipper. They spent a lot of time working on MAG and Socom 4. Mag didn't really do well in terms of sales and the reviews for Socom 4 so far have been lackluster.

omi25p2803d ago

i hate the main guys accent, he sounds so upper class. (not being racist because im english to)

Klipz-Wish2803d ago

They should've just used the main guys voice from the North American version of the game instead of finding another voice actor for SOCOM Special Forces

BiggCMan2803d ago

They did that? That's pretty gay in my opinion, also more work for the dev team. Also, Nolan North again? Damn, give the guy a break.

JimRome2803d ago

Online was kind of lackluster, I'm looking forward to the single player campaign.

2803d ago
MGRogue20172803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

... The camera view needs to shake alot more & then the game will feel alot more immersive & "next-gen"

e.g. When moving around, being shot at from behind cover or a nearby explosion going off.

Kind of like how it is in the Gears of War series.

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