Have Ubisoft given up on the PlayStation Move?

Playr writes - if you want to see just how little Ubisoft cares about the PlayStation Move all you need to do is compare the 360 Kinect and PlayStation Move versions of Michael Jackson: The Experience.
One is an innovative, impressive performance game. The other... isn't!
It's abundantly clear where Ubisoft directed all their effort and resources, and it's wasn't towards the PlaySation Move.
See for yourself just how different the versions are in our video review.

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Zydake2800d ago

Wow so Ubisoft isn't trying? They're just porting shovelware.. wow i hope they dont touch Assassin's Creed that's the only thing i like about Ubi

iamnsuperman2800d ago

AC is going down the COD route releasing every year. Lets hope the innovation between the games is better than AC2and ACB. ACB was a great game but it is AC2.5 no graphical leap or gameplay leap. I want the leap to be like AC to AC2

Muitnorts2800d ago

I tend to be in the minority but I felt the jump from AC2 to ACB to be more significant. It didn't add as many features really, but overall it felt to me like what the other games were aiming at.
That being said I do hope they ease off and do a game every couple of years and make sure the series progresses and improves.

slate912800d ago

Where's the problem? Kinect is obviously made for these types of games. If you want the most out of a dancing game, get the game on the system that uses your full body. Whether you like it or not Kinect is the version to buy if you have a choice between the two...

SnakeMustDie2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

There will be few improvements from ACB to AC3 considering that most of the flaws the first one had was already addressed. The only thing I want in AC3 is co-op considering that there is another person who Juno mentioned that will accompany Desmond. The only problem I had with ACB is that most of the game takes place inside Rome and also the main quests are short and easy.

Few improvements could be made like adding a tps-like aiming when using daggers/guns. More balanced killstreaks and counters and new tools to use. The most important thing for AC3 to succeed is to live up to the expectations regarding the story.

just_looken2800d ago

i agree superman personality i find the hitman series 10x better than the creed games heck i call ubisoft ubishit. very very very few games they make are good but they publish a good rts.

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Anon19742799d ago

This is ridiculous. Of course the PS3 version is just a port of the Wii version. What else were they supposed to do, strap a PS3 Move controller to each arm and each leg?

Some games just aren't meant to be done with this type of motion control and some games just make sense with Kinect. Dancing games fall into that category. Now maybe if Move was couple with a dance pad you'd have something, but otherwise, what the hell did you expect?

And the notion that the PS3 Move is just a "glorified Wii-Mote" is ridiculous. When it's used like a Wii-Mote, guess what - yeah - it's going to seem similar. If you use the PS3 move like a hammer, guess what - you're going to be disappointed. Use it for something that it was made for like Killzone 3 or the wonderful way they implemented Move into a game like Heavy Rain and guess what, you'll wonder why the hell you were using it as a hammer.

Queasy2800d ago

Shouldn't be too surprising. Porting the Wii version to the PS3 is simply more cost effective. The path of least resistance. The lonely fat drunk chick in the bar.

Blad3star2800d ago

Hey fat chicks need loving too.

rdgneoz32800d ago

Quagmire: "But they gotta pay!"

LordStig2800d ago

Bon Scott making chubby chasing acceptable since 1978 :P

Bigpappy2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

They made load of money on the Wii, using the same formula. Then again, how else would they make a dacing game on the move? The move uses 2 sticks, or a stick and a NAV. They can use the NAV in a dance game, and the 2 sticks would not help track your feet. The only way they could do full body tracking with the PS-eye, is to have gamers dance with the move tracking them from the side.

It is what it is. There are somethings Move is good for. Dancing is not one of them.

theaceh2800d ago

"Then again, how else would they make a dacing game on the move?"

By using the tech used in Kung-Fu Live.

Philaroni2800d ago

RUSE worked amazing with move. Really showed that RTS could be the killer kind of game with the Move system. A game like Sins of the Solar Empire could work with it as well. So can't give them too much crap. So far I think it is the best Move game out there. For some odd reason people forget about RUSE.

dkgshiz2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Eh....who cares? What Ubisoft is pushing out for Kinect and Move is complete shit anyways. Ruse as a few people stated above worked pretty damn well with Move.

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