PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Review (El33tonline)

El33tonline writes:

"The Sharp Shooter is peculiar in that it really does seem as though it’s a ‘new’ type of input device. Maybe not on the scale of importance as the mouse/keyboard combination or the trusty joypad, but certainly a peripheral that has the potential to offer great gameplay rewards if you learn to master it.

Everything about the Sharp Shooter may at first seem unfamiliar and difficult to use and get used to, but it’s an awesome experience holding a physical gun peripheral to aim at on-screen enemies and take them down with a twitch and a pull of a ‘real’ trigger, reload with the pump action, and jab the gun forward to perform a melee attack.

As it stands, I’m still more effective in Killzone 3 and SOCOM with a regular controller than with the Sharp Shooter (and I’m hesitant to go online again against human opponents until I feel that I’m fully capable with it), but it’s an experience that’s worth spending time getting used to..."

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2804d ago
MrDead2804d ago

Give it a few weeks and the DS3 will feel slow and inacurate (I can only comment on killzone 3) compared to this. Make sure you have a steady aim because the move picks up the slightest movement, but soon almost every kill is a head shot.

gaden_malak2804d ago

Damn, that is tempting.

Do you need 2 Move controller for KZ3?

eggbert2803d ago

you need 1 move and a navigation controller.

You can use a dualshock or something for navigation, but it won't fit in the Sharpshooter, plus it is not as comfortable holding a controller in one hand like that.

Der_Kommandant2804d ago

I want it but Mortal Kombat don't let me

Neko_Mega2804d ago

A red one? I want that one, the white parts need to be black to go with red.

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