Death Rally Review (Crush! Frag! Destroy!)

CFD!'s Rob Rich takes a look at Death Rally from Remedy, the developers behind Alan Wake:

"iOS developers deserve a lot of credit, generally speaking. Ignoring the particulars of Apple’s policies and App Store shenanigans, they’ve still got one hell of a finicky audience to pander to. If it’s “not worth the price,” they hate it. If the file size is “too big,” they hate it. If it’s not in “retina display,” they hate the shit out of it. If it’s a demo, they hate it because it’s too short. You see what these poor folks have to work with?

"The one universal aspect to all of the most popular iOS games is addiction. Specifically referring to how hard it is to stop playing once you start. Now, I may not be a huge fan of racing games and I wasn’t exactly fond of the very similar Scrap Metal, but damned if it’s not impossible to stop playing Death Rally."

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RobsteinOne2803d ago

I'm looking forward to Remedy's future updates. Here's to hoping for even more cars! Possibly more tracks, too.

Giantsquirrel2803d ago Jason Statham in it?