This Changes Everything

DP: With PlayStation Network in harmony with Steam for games like Portal 2; it will benefit both platforms in the long run.

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NewMonday2801d ago

Battlefield 3 needs steam, I want to play both PC PS3 games with one gamertag.

Ducky2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

I highly doubt EA would let Battlefield3 become a steamworks game when they have their own EA-store.

Then again, they do share a lot of business with Valve.

distorted_reality2801d ago

BF3 will be released on Steam on PC without a doubt. How that will now effect the PS3 version is anyones guess though.

Zydake2801d ago

I wonder what Microsoft thinks of this and lets hope Kinect isn't on there mind.

ratsrock2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

anyone wants to trade PSN and Steam IDs?

i mean... i need some nice, calm and intelligent people to help me think with portals!

Ducky2801d ago

You can add this guy.

MGRogue20172801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Hey.. Microsoft & Valve should integrate Steam onto the Xbox 360! :D

Nah, I can't see it happening, Microsoft are too damn strict with their security & whatnot.

dontbhatin2801d ago

they would charge valve out the ass to have them do that.

IHateYouFanboys2801d ago

why do they need to though?

what advantages would steamworks give over Live?

text chat? Live has cross-game voice chat and party chat.
achievements? Live already has them.
cross-platform play? Live already has that.
friends list with more than just Live friends? Live already has this, i have all of my MSN contacts on my Live list and can chat to them while theyre on their computer/mobile phone and im on my xbox.

the only thing it offers over Live is cloud storage, but theres no real need for that on the 360. you can put your game saves on USB sticks or 360 memory cards if you want, along with your Profile. whenever i go round mates places for some xbox i take my Profile on a memory card.

Lives security and closed nature are what make it so good.

BattleAxe2801d ago

Steam is in Direct competition with "Games For Windows Live", so it will never happen.

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