Portal Ending Cinamatic - Slight Spoiler Alert

"Valve's The Orange Box was released this week and one of the most anticipated titles in The Orange Box was a little puzzle game called Portal. I don't want to get into what goes on in Portal for those of you who might not have played the title yet. All you need to know is Portal is a game that will challenge your way of thinking in an FPS environment by making you sit back and think about what needs to be done rather than running and gunning.

Overall, my experience with Portal was a pleasant one, especially the end of Portal, which I have included after the break. If you haven't completed Portal and would rather keep the ending fresh for when you complete the game, by all means skip the rest of this article.

For those of you who did complete Portal, you know what to expect."

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Lord Anubis4084d ago

The song is very catchy.

============================= =============
Lyrics to Still Alive (Portal Credits)

Lyrics to Portal credits

Spoilers, read at own risk!!!

This was a triumph
I'm making a note here
It's hard to overstate my satisfaction
Aperture Science

we do what we must because we can
for the good of all of us except for the ones who are dead
but there's no sense crying over every mistake
you just keep on trying until you run out of cake
and the science gets done and you make a neat gun
for the people who are still alive

I'm not even angry
I'm being so sincere right now
even though you broke my heart and killed me
and torn into pieces
and threw every piece into a fire
as they burned it hurt because I was so happy for you!
Now these points of data make a wonderful line
and we're out of beta, we're releasing on time
so I'm glad I got burned
Think of all the things we learned for the people that are still alive

go ahead and leave me
I think I prefer to stay inside
maybe you'll find someone else to help you
maybe black mesa
that was a joke, haha, fat chance
anyway this cake is great, it's so delicious and moist
look at me still talking, when there's science to do
when I look out there it makes me glad I'm not you
I've experiments to run, there is research to be done
on the people who are still alive

and believe me I am still alive
I'm doing science and I'm still alive
I feel FANTASTIC and I'm still alive
While you are dying I'll be still alive
and when you're dead I'll be still alive
STILL ALIVE, still alive
============================= ======

Bonsai12144084d ago

haha.. that song is win. i was actually expecting an actual cinematic... but w/e

crystallakekiller4083d ago

thats a GREAT game...i cant wait to play a full version of this.....i mean a much longer version of the game than this one...i had a great time playing it and the computer is very funny! i hope they'll release new portal stuff over xbox live,its so great but too short!