The Proper Difficulty For A Dead Rising Game

Dead Rising games have always been difficult, but gamers haven't always been happy about that. What's a fair way to make a game tough, and what isn't? With each new Dead Rising release, the game creators at Capcom have been tweaking their answer and reconsidering what players want.

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bozebo2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Allow inverted aiming then it's easy. But Capcom are too stupid these days to have a proper options menu.

Perjoss2802d ago

they fixed that in DR2, but the original was still an amazing game even with its flaws.

tigertron2802d ago

It would be better if the player had the option of changing the difficulty, and reward players with trophies upon completion, based on what difficulty they played at.

I think those psychos can be pretty hard to beat but thats my only issue in terms of difficulty.

2802d ago