Call of Duty 4 PC Demo Impressions

One of the writers from Aeropause spent some time with the PC demo for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and felt that if the game is as good as the demo, it could be a contender for Game of the Year.

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Spike474084d ago

a doubt, this is a strong contender of goty.

sak5004083d ago

Right now there lots of games vying for GOTY. PC has bio, HL2:Orange, cod4 and UT3 (if it gets released in time), 360 has cod4, bio, mass effect, H3, HL2:Orange. Ps3 might be able to get drake and R&C in the competition but doubt they can contest with the bigges.

RussDeBuss4083d ago

... why you list COD4 and HL2:orange for 360 and not PS3?
just curious. All i can hope is that Halo 3 doesn't win.
I just don't think it has done enough, without the hype it wouldn't have sold so much and probably not got so many 10/10s

out of those I would say Bioshock so far, although some of the good ones obviously havn't been released yet.

i doubt it will be HL2:orange because 2 fifths of it have already been out, but personally I cant wait and i think it will be my GOTY

nobizlikesnowbiz4083d ago

Who cares if MS gets a GOTY? All the whiny little fanboys will claim that MS bought the award so whatever...

JsonHenry4083d ago

Because so far everything that has been cross platform was slightly "better" on the 360 version. Higher rez textures, smoother frame rates, and the controller is arguably better than the PS3's due to the placement of the triggers.

4083d ago
Devr4083d ago

I would approve of this game winning GotY. :) It looks great.

otherZinc4083d ago

I was not impressed by that demo at all.

RussDeBuss: you talk about HALO 3 doing nothing new, COD 4 did absolutely nothing new. If it did, what?:

COD 4 is exactly the same as COD 2 & the others (well I cant say that because COD 2 was 1 of the best games I ever played but COD 4 didn't build on that fact); Single player is all scripted once again, No co-op 1 console, No co-op link, No co-op online, No co-op 4 player link or online, No co-op 16 player online!

Why the hell do reviewers love Infinity Ward so much, this is crazy. Its not acceptable for a FPS in this day & age to not have co-op of any kind.

You say, "if HALO 3 didn't get so much hype it wouldn't have sold as much", what? you must be kidding. At EB, Babbages, GameStops across the country, they had more than 200 pre-orders by the end of Dec. 06, thats before 1 commercial, before anything. Also, HALO 1 never had 1 second of hype, this franchise started off word of mouth.

You talk about hype, this game is getting all the damn hype in the world, so don't say COD 4 isn't getting its fair share of hype, please. All COD 4 did was make the exact same game with modern weapons, thats it, also, the multiplayer has a few new things but its no HALO 3 multiplayer.

So far HALO 3 or BIOSHOCK: GAME OF THE YEAR, if the reviewers don't say it, the cash registers will, if the reviewers don't say it, the amount of people playing online will: thats the real proof for you, how many people are still playing a game that is built on hype alone? People will only play what's great for a long period of time and HALO 3 will dominate this category!

aiphanes4083d ago

bioshock does have better graphics than Halo 3..but it has no Halo 3 is better...but Halo 3 is at 640p....and have framerate issues so how can it be game of the year?

COD4 or Drakes Uncharted should be game of the year...Drakes graphics and animation blow away Halo 3 and bioshocks....but we all know Mario Galaxy will win game of the year...

DARK WITNESS4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )


wining game of the year or not should not be about the tech spec and whether or not it runs at the right resolution.

if no body had taken that pic and done a technical breakdown how many people would have noticed what speck Halo 3 runs at. i only know it's 680p because some said so, it looks way better then most games on the 360 and even then, if bungie said they did that to get their lighting engine to work, well i can believe that because halo 3 has awesome lighting, better then bioshock !

I would not give halo 3 game of the year, but not because of it runing at 680. even bioshock, it was an awesome game, but i personally don't think it did that much new. it was the art style and atmosphere in the game that really set it apart.

COD4, i can't say now cos i have not played the single player, but it is just call of duty with modern guns. its fun, a lot of fun and it has been refined to perfection...but, and its a big but, it is still not a revolution !

its the next thing i would have expected from COD4, thats all.
The sort of games we should be looking at for GOTY are games like mass effect and Assasins creed.

there are plenty of other games getting just as much hype as halo 3. in fact just say your game is a halo killer or something negative about halo and you are done. how many times has bungie said nothing will beat halo or we think this game is crap ? they don't, but other dev's use them to get attention.

JsonHenry4083d ago

Under NO circumstances should Halo 3 win game of the year. Yeah, it was a fun game. But not game of the year material.

At least not when compared to games like Bioshock, The Orange Box, or maybe titles like Hellgate London or Mass Effect which are yet to be released. And lets not forget Mario Galaxy.

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