GeoHot still has a way to hack the PS3 and future Sony products

Gamersmint writes: However, this settlement doesn’t permanently restrict Hotz from hacking Sony products, including the PS3 and sharing them with the public. There’s a clause, which enables him to do so, if he wants to.

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psb2774d ago

would consider doing such a thing but sadly, Geohot falls under that category.

Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if that guy ends up paying that amount and trying to hack the NGP. Locking him up, would have been the best solution.

Dante1122774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

"All he needs is 50,000 people willing to donate in order to amass that amount and then, he’s free to do whatever he wants with Sony products."

Idk now, people are still pissed about their past donations to him. Also, if Sony found loopholes in the documentation, that could lead him back to court again for other charges and possible fines.

Edit: Plus wouldn't that defeat his whole boycott Sony mission since technically he would be giving more money to Sony?

Stevo912773d ago

He hasnt actually said he's going to hack the PS3 again or any future sony products, this artical is just causing unnecassary flaming imo

DragonKnight2773d ago

That's not a clause allowing him to hack future products. Wow, the amount of idiocy from that article is mind boggling, worthy of this...

The fact remains that if he does what this article suggests, the courts will see that he has no regard for law and will punish him further. He will have reneged on a legally binding permanent injunction and will suffer worse consequences than a simple fine.

Dee_912773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

smh at gamersmint flamebait articles

egidem2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Yes, if he is an idiot enough to hack any other Sony console. I like how he was given a permanent injunction to never hack or try to hack any other Sony hardware and he turned this around, by saying that he'll boycotting/never touch any Sony product again (like he had a choice to).

If he tries to hack any other console, for example, the NGP, this will be a serious offense. Not only would he have violated this injuction, but he'll have to pay a certain fine for every sanction he would have violated...who knows how many Sony is capable of coming up with?

Solid_Snake-2774d ago ShowReplies(4)
TBM2774d ago

wow the stories about him and the other nutbag hackers still wont die? dont they have anything else to write about?

just_looken2774d ago

there not true hackers thats the funny thing 1 group use's ddos which a 8yr old can do the other use's dev kits.

TBM2774d ago

well that may be true and all, but damn this is getting super boring. these douche bags are thinking they are doing it for us, but its just for themselves as they have nothing better to do.

MRMagoo1232774d ago

They dont think there doing it for us at all they pretending there doing it for us but all i have to say to them is go away we dont need your help you hackers are the problem not the solution.

princejb1342774d ago

good luck getting sued again by sony asshole
your the reason why i cant play modern warfare 2 no more so many hackers

jerethdagryphon2773d ago

couldnt that be classed as assiting others and its capped at 250k per infraction

i e he releases one hack distributes it 250k then another one it would be 250

hed be a fool to do it

supremacy2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I figured i didnt mention what you just mentioned, because i was under the impression people knew this already.

This isn't a loophole, this is just saying 250k per violation i doubt he'll settle for one exploit, so i definately doubt he could get that many donations for his costly cause. Specially from some of the more angrier donators(which ofcourse were among his biggest donators at that) he is still trying to calm down.

Someone needs to put another article up debunking this one, because around here thats what it takes for people to notice.

RioKing2773d ago

He will never hack another Sony product, period. Even if he could, he won't. He'd be sued again, this time with no settlement offered from Sony...and he'll be F**ked.

Sony (or Microsoft) really should seriously consider hiring him for the undeniable smarts he has in his field. I don't support him, but you have to be ignorant & naive to think he doesn't (and/or we don't) deserve to have his talents used for good.

n4gisatroll2773d ago

I don't know why you said he was smart. He claimed he hacked the ps3 when it was failoverflow who did, and hotz just released the info. He's really just a dumbass that copies and pastes. Sure he might have hacked the iPhone but really, the iPhone sucks.

RioKing2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

@grzajabarkus - "sure he might have hacked the iPhone, but the iPhone sucks"

You sir, are ignorant to the max. He is very smart, and has the credentials to back it up. Once again, I DONT SUPPORT PS3 HACKING, but I am MATURE enough to give him credit for being intelligent. I've listed some of his accomplishments off of Wikipedia here for you...GO AHEAD, READ ANY OF THIS AND SAY HE "COPY & PASTED" EVERYTHING LOL. Could you do you any of what he did? Is Forbes,CNN, etc writing articles on you?...yeah, didn't think so.

"He was a finalist at the 2005 ISEF competition in Portland OR with his project "The Mapping Robot". Recognition included interviews on the Today Show and Larry King. Hotz was a finalist at the 2005 ISEF competition, with his project "The Googler". Continuing with robots, Hotz competed in his school's highly successful Titanium Knights battlebots team. George also worked on his project, "Neuropilot," in which he was able to read EEG signals off his head with hardware from the OpenEEG project. Hotz competed in the 2007 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, a science competition for high school students, where his project, entitled "I want a Holodeck", received awards and prizes in several categories. Hotz has received considerable attention in mainstream media, including interviews on the Today Show, Fox, CNN, NBC, CBS, G4, ABC, CNBC, and articles in several magazines, newspapers, and websites, including Forbes,and BBC. The Forbes article said Hotz hopes to go into Neuroscience: "hacking the brain," he called it. In March 2008, PC World magazine listed George as one of the top 10 Overachievers under 21."

You can press the disagree button all you want, but a real argument against what is written above is realistically impossible, HE IS SMART. Period.

n4gisatroll2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )


I never pressed the disagree. And I was just talking about the las hack on the ps3. He didn't develop it at all, took what he found out from failoverflow did then published it as his own. So ya, he did copy and paste.

Edit: and for the record, the iPhone is the worst phone I've ever used, smartphone wise. It's uber overrated.

RioKing2772d ago

I'm not saying you pressed the it man, that comment wasn't aimed towards just you, but anyone who disagrees with anything nice said about him.

I was trying to say he's smart; if your brother or sister had his list of accomplishments, you'd say they are geniuses (or most ppl would).

The iPhone, yes, is overrated. I also know he wasn't the one to hack the ps3 and I hate how everyone says he did also. My only point once again was that he's smart and should use the knowledge he has for good. His problem though, is that he thinks he IS using them for good.

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xAlmostPro2773d ago

As if hackers who have already donated to his vacation and are pissed of with him agreeing to a settlement are going to donate again.. lol

AyeGee2773d ago

would make a rap about Sony. LOL GeoHot is so retarded.

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yewles12774d ago

Well, this stupid idea hurts the principle of the boycott, so PLEASE, DO give Sony more money. XD

RioKing2773d ago

Even if a 1000 people boycotted Sony, it would be like me losing a penny. His whole boycotting theme is pointless and stupid.

iamnsuperman2774d ago

if this is true I am not sure he will still. It seams with his boycot it is just not worth it. There's probably some loop hole for Sony to sue him. Law has many loop holes if you look close enough

Dart892774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

I wish they would implement something so when he tries hack it it blows up like this xDDDDD.

Edit:Damn there's some hardcore hotz fan in here jut look at the disagrees xDDD.

Karooo2774d ago

yes, anyways, Sony will teach him an lesson again if he dares to hack again. He should just hide in his home and do nothing.

InLaLaLand2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Look at the PSX scene forums for a good lol. Some hypocrites on there.