Player Affinity: Portal 2 - Preview 2

Player Affinity writes: "Portal, released in 2007, set a new precedent for three dimensional puzzle games, creating a unique style and game design that still has not been matched. Developed by a bunch of DigiPen students hired by Valve after their discovery of the team’s school project Narbacular Drop, Portal tests players’ spatial senses by asking them to solve puzzles using two mind-bending blue and orange portals. Gamers take on the role of an awakened test subject Chell Johnson, while a looming AI named GlaDOS threatens them with death and negotiates with promises of cake and parties. The game ends, predictably enough, with the apparent destruction of the rogue AI, yet a last minute retroactive continuity suggested escape from the facility was thwarted by a “party escort bot”."

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smithdown2799d ago

Nice preview, one of the first I've seen to mention the incredible leap forward in the visuals.

Portal 2 is looking freakin sweet.