Daily Deals Wednesday April 13th

Player Affinity writes: "There are some yummy deals online, but you'll have to act fast, as most of these are only up for one day. Steam is in the third day of their 2K Week, and today only (Wednesday the 13th), you can get Borderlands and any of it's DLC for 75% off. Even if you already have the game, this is still a great chance to get all of the DLC packs for just $2.49 each. Or you can get the Game of The Year Edition for $7.50, which has all of the DLC anyway."

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Kran2803d ago

This is a fantastic deal. Thank you 2K! I picked this up a couple of hours ago. Nearly at 40% downloaded.

stevenhiggster2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

And this my friends is why PC gaming rocks, Steam sales :-)
I got Borderlands for the PS3 originally, but this is cheaper for the full game and all DLC than just the DLC on the PS3! Does mean I'm gonna have to play the whole thing again though, but hey thats a good thing innit?

Enate2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Its nice and all and I to originally got it on PS3 with all the DLC. Though we are talking a year and a half late I've beaten this game senseless by now. I agree steam deals are great though, when its something I occasionally want.

BeastlyRig2802d ago

The Mafia 2 deal with all dlc for $10 was great also!

stevenhiggster2802d ago


And Batman AA GOTY Edition for £3.75 a couple of weeks back. Deals have been awesome recently.