The 5 Stages Leading To A Call Of Duty Purchase

"Every year as we make our way up to the holiday season, many gamers experience an emotional cycle which I call, the five stages leading to a Call Of Duty purchase. This is basically a series of emotions that many go through that ultimately always leads up to the registers ringing on Call Of Duty's release day. So sit back while I break down these stages and see if you yourself can identify with them."

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Dart892800d ago

Every game after COD4 has been a disappointment they just don't have the fun factor that COD4 had.

EDI2800d ago

Lol 5 Stages, good read

trainsinrdr2800d ago

OMG COD iz dA bEst gaME Eva

BigKev452800d ago

1. EA...

2. Spending 100 Million...

3. To knock off...

4. And become the leader of the FPS genre...

5. With Battlefield 3.

Dart892800d ago

Here's my five reasons

1.Twisted metal

2.Resistance 3

3.Battlefield 3

4.Uncharted 3


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The story is too old to be commented.