Minecraft beta 1.5 Delayed till 18th-22nd of April

While Notch had originally stated stated that the update would be this week, he has just revealed that it has been delayed till next week.

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Lazyeye792742d ago

Hate waiting, but the powered rails seem like a nice addition and watching a pig get struck will be awesome, even if it tries to kill me afterward. Totally worth it!

wallis2742d ago

Ah I love this game, starts out with a four by four hut and ends in a fuckin' series of floating islands connected together with a (soon to be powered and fully automated) train line.

I wish notch would do more construction themed addons though. Dyes and wolves are more just pretty and aesthetic, I'd like features like seasons which could genuinely affect gameplay and harvesting. Powered rails is a step in the right direction, boosters were gonna have to go eventually, but I'd love to see more creative tools like the piston mod, or a method of air travel. There are so many possibilities...

easto1a2742d ago

+1 on boosters were gonna have to go
glad they r finally gone/ almost lol

Lazyeye792742d ago

Boosters might be gone depending on how good the powered rails are like speed and efficiency, boosters are fast and infinitely efficiency they are just a nuisance.

I agree more construction themed addons are needed.

easto1a2742d ago

update for minecraft beta to 1.5 is delayed...

onomix2742d ago

what is minecraft? a some kind of mod to a game

Lazyeye792742d ago

It is an awesome game in and of itself, Google it. And then support Notch by buying it.

onomix2742d ago

where can i download this

Wenis2742d ago

You can't. Everyone else can except for you, sorry.

dillydadally2741d ago

So sick of comments like these. Why can't we foster a community of friendship at N4G instead of immaturity?

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