Zero Punctuation reviews Yakuza 4

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Yakuza 4.

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mushroomwig2803d ago

Dammit Yahtzee, as soon as I saw that opening text I knew something wasn't right.

soundslike2803d ago

Yea...but this is probably one of his most positive reviews.

DuneBuggy2803d ago

Watch his Orange Box review soundslike. Specifically the part where he discusses Portal. It doesnt get more positive from him than that.

Dsnyder2803d ago

Yahzee is less funny when he apologizes for being offensive.

ThanatosDMC2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

HAHAHAHA!!! Sounds like he played the game a lot more than other reviewers. He even hit the time when you met the random curry delivery guy that Kiryu meets and makes you go around the town to get more curry... HAHAHA! He liked the game... a lot!

Too bad he didnt mention the massage place and got to the Super VIP thing... it's a DUDE!!!

Alos882803d ago

He liked it? Awesome. I used to think he just had a strong dislike for Japan in general but these days I think he just likes making fun of how weird things can get over there.

The_Nameless_One2803d ago

The guy hasn't had a single funny "review" since his rant on Demon's Souls.

Ducky2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

Wolfenstein for me.
Still, they're to the point. I don't really think he's trying to be that funny.... just entertaining.

The_Nameless_One2803d ago

They are not even entertaining. However he is to the point most of the times even though it seems he does it for the sake of being negative.

Cat2803d ago

I think it's easy to O.D. on them since, yes, negativity is his schtick...So I just watch the ones for the games I've played, that's when they're funniest. :)

ShinraE52803d ago

As always, a wonderfully entertaining review. It's good to see a "reviewer" (I'd describe him as more of a comedian, since you don't really get a good feel for a game based off of what he discusses in his videos) who can poke at every platform, company, genre, etc.

I look forward to the next and every other review as always.