Capcom closes shop on Super Street Fighter IV, not MvC3

VGW: Earlier today Capcom Europe mistakenly tweeted that they were closing up shop on MvC3 DLC, to the shock of many fans. However, the company has recently stated this was a rather giant mistake.

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WarPonyDestroyer2773d ago

Of course they are closing SSF4.

They have SSF vs TEK to milk now.

disparage2773d ago

Lol I'm aware. My comment was more so stating that they don't really care about MvC, and will probably "close" that as well.

multipayer2773d ago

close it capcom... please..

DeleteThisxx2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

The games takes too much skill for you, eh? You wouldn't be saying that if you had the proper execution to actually play the game;)

NoBias2770d ago

Street Fighter will always be one of the hardest games to get great at. Those who royally suck will always bash the game and/or Capcom to compensate for their lack of skill.

Nothing new.

killyourfm2773d ago

I think it's time for gaming websites (and ALL websites) to stop relying on Twitter as a source of news. Hell, some people could have seen the original tweet and resulting articles, got pissed, and sold their game.

Gen0ne2773d ago

I was gonna say... wtf? I want more dlc characters. But not for 5 bucks a pop though. That's some real bullshit right there. How about, a dollar a pop. Let's see ( a little math here ) 2 characters for 2 dollars x the 1.3 million copies sold = 2.6 million dollars. What? That's not good enough Capcom? Cut the shit would ya?

yewles12773d ago

I thought Arcade Edition WAS DLC for SSFIV... now there's officially too much for Crapcom to clarify now.

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