Peter Moore says there will still be a Madden this year, plus something HOT for E3

"Last night during an EA Sports event in San Francisco, CA, Peter Moore told us that Madden 12 will still be coming out this Summer, despite the problems going on in the NFL." From PGN

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Sun_e2802d ago

Can't wait for the new madden!!!

E3exponews2802d ago

Welcome to Madden Kinect! Throw footballs at your $2000 HDTV and roll out some grass from Home Depot on your carpet for the most real football experienc yet! Hehhehe.

Biggest2801d ago

Was this ever in doubt? There will be a new Madden every year no matter what.

nfourgtoday2802d ago

Never would have guessed that Madden would miss a year. Sometimes I wish they'd take a break for 3 years and come back with a totally sick and revamped game.

nevin12801d ago

Just bring back a quality NFL game. I haven't played since one Madden 2004/2K5.

badboy8082801d ago

Thats what happens when only one football game is on the market

soren2801d ago

ewwww this shit is milkrf to the point ware when u see it u dont know which one it is lol