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VGW's Jen Bosier: “Mortal Kombat” has not had a particularly amazing track record in the world of film and television. First appearing on screen in 1995′s aptly titled “Mortal Kombat,” the film was Paul W.S. Anderson’s (of “Resident Evil” fame) second studio venture. The actual quality of the movie is debatable, with most fans arguing its merits based solely upon its kickass soundtrack, and Christopher Lambert’s campy turn as Raiden. The series then took a sharper turn downward with a subsequent TV series and “Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.” We just don’t talk about such things.

Admittedly, your source material is pretty weak to begin with. With plots and characters worthy of pro-wrestling, it’s hard to give any amount of seriousness or respect to the series. But apparently Kevin Tancharoen begged to differ

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