SSX: Deadly Descents Preview--G4

G4:"With such conditions comes proper gear to help you survive. The game doesn’t plan to sensationalize the experience with vehicle chases and avoiding missiles, but there will be well-placed helicopters you’ll be able to grab on to, which will take you to the next death-defying slope. SSX: Deadly Descents will offer another way to leap confidently over cliffs and into areas that would be inaccessible set decoration..."

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xskipperx822800d ago

I'm really glad they changed directions with this game! I am super stoked for January 2012.

Quagmire2800d ago

They never changed anything, only stupid people claimed they were going realistic after the CGI trailer.

xskipperx822799d ago

Not realistic....They were going with a Call of Duty esque style of game! Do your research.