Robomodo to develop new Tony Hawk game?

SystemLink: "Following Tony Hawk's slip of the tongue that we could expect a new game in the series to release next year, SystemLink has found a small piece of evidence that suggests Robomodo may be the developers of Tony Hawk's latest foray into video games."

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majiebeast2801d ago

How this series has fallen since ps1 days i wouldnt want my name on such a product.

FAGOL2801d ago

Just let it die. Who still buys these games anyway?

JohnnyMann4202801d ago

Please just don't even bother. At least give it a few years off to recooperate. Tony even tried defending the crap product and blamed reviewers for being biased.

I won't say reviewers aren't biased, but I will say that I think everyone agreed that the Tony Hawk Ride games were both a ripoff and piles of shit.