Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Doesn't Impress (Yet)

IGN: Insomniac's latest platformer has one editor concerned.

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zootang2806d ago

It's for 4 people who want to play a game together. Don't shoot it down just because you want to play it by yourself. We need more co-op games like this. I hope it does well.

TBM2806d ago

since i love this series i wont dismiss this game like most people will. to me it looks extremely fun and its all that matters to me.

Pixel_Pusher2805d ago

Why Hate Ratchet and Clank All 4 One | It's just simple fun

GT5, KZ3, SOCOM 4 and now R&C...a big f**k you to IGN.

kyl2772806d ago


despair2806d ago

This game is going to alienate R&C fans big time, I'm speaking as a rabid fan myself. So far it looks so simplistic and lacking, plus co-op never works properly when you have to cooperate unless you have 3 other people you play the entire game through with(plenty cursing and yelling online with strangers). Co-op also limits what you can do and explore, plus the worlds look very linear and the platforming super simple.

Even with the weapon wheel it looks like reused weapons and basic fighting, 4 players look boring and as a SP kinda guy I am not a fan of having a mandatory AI partner and needing to work with others to complete the game. Pushing a light source with 4 players really?

Also the camera sucks and while I understand its was necessary for the 4 players it still doesn't look right. This R&C game is looking more and more a kiddie game, something I never wanted to see. This might actually be the first R&C game I did not purchase day 1(or maybe at all) since the first.

kyl2772806d ago

It looks like a PSN game rather than a full R&C game, if it was marketed as such it would be better. I would love a new "quest for booty" type game.

2806d ago
SaiyanFury2806d ago

Honestly, I have to agree with Despair. I'm also a die-hard R&C fan, and with the exception of Deadlocked, I've always bought R&C games on day one. I've been watching this one as it's been developed and I'm increasingly asking myself whether or not I'm gonna get it. As of now I'm far more leaning towards no. I also strongly prefer SP rather than being forced to team up with other people. I grew up SP, I expect I'll die SP. As he says, it's looking more and more like a kiddie game and something that won't appeal to me. R&C it may be, but will I buy it? Depends on the final product.

despair2806d ago

yea what has me worried most of all is that with previous R&C games from the first showing I was hooked, but this one almost a year after it was revealed I still don't like what I'm seeing. That right there is not a good sign.

SaiyanFury2806d ago

I'm with you man. I've always been a fan of inventive platformers, and like you I was always hooked the first time I saw shots of R&C games. This one, not so much. I looked at the first shots I saw and kind of like a dog, twisted my head to a different angle, unsure of what to make of All 4 One. What I do make of it, is that I'm really not trusting hope that it's going to be as good as Insomniac's previous outings. I hope I'm wrong...

silkrevolver2806d ago

...but I don’t know if that’s where I wanted Insomniac to go with R&C. If the reviews are solid, I will for sure be playing this with my dorm mates in the fall, because Co-op can be awesome even when the game isn’t absolutely spectacular (Like RE5, for me. Didn’t enjoy it on my own, LOVED it with a friend.)

FailOverHero2806d ago

Looks like this title is being developed by Insomniac Games Lite while Insomniac Games focus on Resistance and possibly EA's multiplat

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