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lociefer2435d ago

damnit that game is gonna be so awesome !, but if your own avatar using is the only 360 exclusive, then sux for u guyz

KingOfRPG2435d ago

yup its one of the exclusive you get on the 360 and theres more exclusive to

just like how the PS3 Has Kratos

Army_of_Darkness2435d ago

this is an awesome mode! can't wait to practice then murder all of you online! wohahaha!

aceitman2435d ago

this is not 360 exclusive king of the kill is for both systems the only thing is ur able to bring ur own avatar on 360 thats it . look at 12 mark u see ps3 buttons on it.

TheBlackSmoke2435d ago

Its basically an exclusive by default because PS3 does not have wii mii's.

Besides the MK avatars look wayyy better anyway.

Active Reload2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

If you're a Kratos fan and only have a 360, then yeah, I guess it will kinda suck. But I'm not a victim of such a circumstance. Kratos is cool, but, I'm not losing any sleep over him not being on my 360, lol.

Edit: I wonder how Quan Chi will look...

zeal0us2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Seen three new trailers for this @ the east coast gaming conference in Raleigh, man I have to say this game is going to be sick.

Johnny cage dialogue during cg scene(the one they showed @ the conference) was funny, long-story short he thought it was cosplay-fighting tournament lol(during that scene).

Sub-zero demands to fight _____ but end up fighting _____(don't want to ruin it for ya)

Last scene lets just say raiden starts to have doubts in someone abilities and rely on Kung Lao who end up fighting the Deadly Alliance(you should understand who I'm referring to, if you play some of the MK games)

I don't what to throw out spoilers , but I doubt it ruin the game that much

Cianciolo, Dominic
Cinematic Director, NetherRealm Studios was the speaker at this event.

Schism202435d ago

This is gonna be the real next gen Mk. I hope the game is balanced though, and I really wanna see how kratos plays.

princeofthabay2435d ago

april 19th can't come fast enough.

Omar1st2435d ago

Man, this just keeps getting better and better. This game is gonna rock !

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The story is too old to be commented.