Microsoft Details Kinect for Windows Beta SDK at MIX 11

GameDynamo - "Today at MIX 11, Microsoft detailed some of the features of the Kinect for Windows Beta SDK coming out of Microsoft Research. These new development tools are launching this spring for those who sign up to participate in the SDK's Beta period..."

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just_looken2777d ago

tis is the end for windows os awhile ago it was rumored that win8 was going to be all knict controlled well with this news looks like its happening. There is no way i can operate a os and its software with voice but money talks :(.

lzim2776d ago

that depends on how attached people are to their keyboards and mice (inextricably).

Kinect will be interesting depending on what devs can do with it (I doubt MS will integrate much wow factor with Kinect into Win8).

just_looken2776d ago

wow wtf 5 disagrees so you guys want to buy a fn $140 pos attachment instead of a usb mouse/keyboard and you want to surf the net with this pos? even a fn forum post would be a nightmare with voice commands. Fuck Kinect

YodaCracker2777d ago

This opens up so many possibilities!

wwm0nkey2777d ago

Cant wait to download this SDK, I will finally be able to try some of those mods!