The Last Guardian: Trico Improvements

Quick comparison of the latest image of Trico (the bird-cat) in The Last Guardian, and there looks like there are some improvements.

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plb2803d ago

TBH both look superbly epic. 2011 please Sony??

Dante1122803d ago

I can't wait until this game comes out.

RedDragan2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

But those blue horns look out of place, the brown ones look well suited to the creature. Apart from that it looks very impressive.

Julie2802d ago

I can't see the images all i see is the evil yellow frog from imageshack! D:

Prcko2803d ago

amagaad so beautifull,sony release this masterpice alrdy :(

Kain812803d ago

All i need is a Release Date...

Rybakov2803d ago

i can't wait so sad they pushed back ico and shadow to next year....i was gonna use those to wait for LG

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