A Musical Complaint About Final Fantasy XIII

In today's Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter Konaa finishes Final Fantasy XIII and "mostly" enjoys it... except for that damn Leona Lewis song.

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Kran2778d ago

From the state Final Fantasy XIII was in, the song is pretty much the only highlight.

ismejks2777d ago

can't be serious, the song just completely a joke to put it in to the game.

squallheart2777d ago

I agree its whats keeping from playing the game among other things XD Maybe I should unwrap it.

Peaceful_Jelly2777d ago

they only used the song for the end credits though... No big deal.

ismejks2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

very big deal, it ruined the whole aura of the game, theme song is one of the soul of FF series, see FF8,9,10 bring so much memories even until now when fans heard their theme song.

Pozzle2777d ago

@Peacefully Jelly: To be fair though, the ending cinematic in a Final Fantasy game is usually the most beautiful and emotional part of the game. Could you imagine FFVIII's ending having the same emotional impact if it had used a generic pop song instead of "Eyes on Me"?

ComboBreaker2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

The reason the game doesn't match the song is because the game sucks.

Can't mix a sucky game with a great song and hope that somehow the game becomes better.

Anyway, I applaud Square Enix for trying to create character development by showing character flaws in FF13. However, there is a right way and a wrong/annoying way to show those character flaws. SE choose to showed their flaws in the wrong and annoying way.

It's the difference between Stupid Jack and Forest Gump.

MaxXAttaxX2777d ago

They replaced the original song with this because the original singer couldn't do it in English so they had a completely different song in instead.

Here's a thought Square.... LEAVE THE ORIGINAL JAPANESE SONG!

rdgneoz32777d ago

@NathanExplosion That's why I loved Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2. The original singer did both the Japanese version and English versions of the song, and it came out great.

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Edito2777d ago

That song ruined my FF XIII experience in a way that i couldn't finish the game cause i knew that stupid song will be the last thing to ear in that game tsc forget it the game and the song sucks... Nobuo Uematsu and Ironubo Sakaguchi are Final Fantasy...

limewax2777d ago

Actually its not, It starts playing right at the end, Then the actual Main Theme plays which is the Fabula Nova Crystallis theme.

Really the music is actually very good on this game, whith or without nobuo, Honestly I personally think Blue Morning and Atonement are some of the best soundtracks to even come from any final fantasy game.

Dont let 2 minutes of Leona spoil what otherwise is a brilliant soundtrack, Even if the game cant live up to its own songs

Pozzle2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I still think they should have either used the original song, or a translated version. Songs like "Eyes on Me" or "Melodies of Life" were translated into English, but they still suited their respective games far better than "My Hands" suited FFXIII.

I have no problem with Leona Lewis, but they could have at least gotten her to sing a song that was made specifically for the game. She doesn't have a bad voice, tbh.

hay2778d ago

It appears that Square knew that this game will suck some donkey balls, so they tried to improve PR with this song.

ismejks2777d ago

SE is so lazy to even bother with that, a song with a lyric didn't make sense at all for the game, they chose them simply due to Leona Lewis's popularity.

GunofthePatriots2777d ago

i enjoyed ff13 a lot. the soundtrack was a little meh though.

Yehshuah2777d ago

leave leona lewis alone! :*( i love that song

distorted_reality2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Who the fuck is Leona Lewis?

edit - Oh, another talentless twat using her boobs to sell "music". Carry on.

Kurisu2777d ago

Talentless? Leona has an amazing voice.

Scarfy2777d ago

So do lots of people. Try listening to more music.

distorted_reality2777d ago

She's just another boring girl who idolised Mariah Carey when she was growing up and prefaces every line she sings in a song with an "oooooooooh", and does enough vocal wanking to hide the fact that she can barely hold a note long enough to hear what it is.

Give me Bjork, Regina Spektor, KD Lang, Kate Miller Heidke, PJ Harvey, etc any day of the week over the drivel that girls like Leona Lewis spew out of what sounds like their assholes.

Hell, I can name at least 5 female singers of the top of my head that I work with around Sydney that have a better voice than that trained ape.

lumley6662777d ago

you obviously dont hav a clue what your talking about

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