Top 5 Worst Teammates in Online Shooters

Whenever your team wins while playing online, it's the whole team's effort that makes it possible. When a team loses, the same applies. But there are times when some people can drag a team down a lot worse than others. This article looks at the top 5 worst teammates to have on your team.

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Finger-Eater2806d ago

For me the people who play every objective like team death match is the most annoying.

younglj012806d ago

agree 100,100%

lol y u think Socom 4 is getting 7s.I dont care if some1 rates it 1/10.Socom 4 is a 9/10 for me.Tha MP is 8/10 already now you giving me a SP.

If you dont like S4 cool.Just play ur game of choice and let S4 taste like sh1t in ur mouth.

Only shooter I see giving Socom 4 problems is Battlefield 3.Atm Socom 4 is my shooter of tha year.Hope too see u guys on tha battlefield <3

bluegreenman2806d ago

I enjoyed it, but it makes me laugh that they re used SO much from mag.. sounds, textures, guns, fonts, stat system, minimap. Its like they took mag, raised the resolution up, and switched it to 3rd person lol

younglj012806d ago

lol u know Socom 4 is using the MAG engine right?And I think tha old Socom had a minimap also.

Only shooter to pull me away from MAG.I love making tactial plans.Learning tha maps know how to attack and defend.

#1 tactial game MAG and i will prove it this weekend hope you is there ;) win of lose it will be fun..

bluegreenman2806d ago

Yes I know that its the same engine, I used to play mag, I got to max level 2 times haha I like socom as well, it just made me laugh at how they kept the same sound clips for everything..

distorted_reality2806d ago

Worst teammates to have are the ones that take public games too seriously.

perdie2806d ago

um isnt public matches kinda important because it shows your stats?

PS360PCROCKS2806d ago

Oh let's see, Snipers in a free for all when you're being mauled by 5 guys with shotguns. The idiot who thinks it's funny to kill you every time you spawn just for "LOLZ"
The guys who don't understand that working as a TEAM is necessary and they want to be rambo

Quagmire2806d ago

Sorry, too busy staring at your pic to see you actually typed something.

IMChampion2806d ago

This has been done so many times before.

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