E3 2011: Confirmed and Rumored Games

E3 is coming up and kickarss have the list of confirmed and rumored games that will be there. Also a little discussion about new generation consoles that might show up at E3 was in order, given the huge amount of rumors that the media are having regarding this issue.

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Prcko2806d ago

so agent will be on e3,nicee

rebirthofcaos2806d ago

it seems, I hope to see it soon.

TreMillz2806d ago

WTFAKE! idk about the rest of you but one game made me call bogus: Brink why would a game that releases almost a month before E3 get E3 time?

Wenis2805d ago

Actually I'm pretty sure Agent won't be at E3 because I've yet to hear anything from Rockstar about it. Considering '' is the only place I've heard that, Im not buying it

limewax2805d ago

Yeah fake, Agent and AC3 confirmed where?

And Ninja Gaiden 3 is certainly NOT being made by Ninja Theory

Shang-Long2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

could just easily put them on rumors list if you dont believe the site.

Stevo912805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )


Electroshocked2805d ago

Agent at E3 2011. I'm happy.

Soldierone2805d ago

@TRE that happens with a lot of games....just because they come out doesn't mean it can't be marketed and shown at E3...

Battlefield Bad Company 2 came out before E3, and EA was still showing it off there. It was bannered everywhere, and even on their demo kiosks next to Medal of Honor...

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DeadlyFire2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Nice to see someone is a fan of my list. I don't mind this site taking it as their own and adding some things and some public eyes to it.

I thought I was the only one that my forum list I made like a month ago on my ghost town forum. I have yet to update it. Its in no way final. I like to add speculative titles. I should of probably tweaked it by now though.

I figured Brink has had so little publicy they would show it off somewhere. Its not uncommon practice for a game to release so soon to be shown at E3 sometimes. Even if there though most media will undercut it and put newer games first. Its likely DLC for Brink could premier at E3.

Agent, Brink, PGR5, and RE 6 are not confirmed anywhere to show up at E3. Just rumors.

DarkSpawnClone2805d ago

i would love resident evil 6, 5 was a blast on ps move even tho resident evil 5 was a bit disapointing but still fun and worth it co-op is amazing with a friend

Dart892806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

God dammit i need my Battle Front3 what's taking so long??

SageHonor2806d ago

That was one of the best games on PS2..

DeadlyFire2806d ago

Spark Unlimited is developing a high profile IP for PC, PS3, X360. Rumored to be Battlefront 3. Not yet said on if showing up or not, but possible. Lucasarts will be at E3 I believe.

Crytek UK is as well for PC, PS3, X360. Rumored to be Timesplitters 4. Possible something else. They were working on Battlefront 3 before bought by Crytek. Crytek has confirmed this project will show up at E3.

funkdemonk2805d ago

That and Timesplitters for me. Battle Front seemed pretty promising from the leaked footage, but Timesplitters was one of the bets FPS' on the PS2 IMO.

I need another game like that on my PS3, just because it would more than likely support offline co-op battles. Like flame-tag or virus with friends/bots. Now that was fun. :D

Soldierone2805d ago

If its Crytek doing it, I doubt it. They probably upped the visuals so much that the system wouldn't be able to render two screens. Thats why a lot of games dont have split screen.

So theyd need to rework the engine, maybe cut back on visuals, to make it work. Hopefully they do, but i wont be counting on it.

Tripl3seis2806d ago

thank god agent is gona be there looking forward to it :)

kickarss2806d ago

This list was compiled by checking several game publisher's websites, and finding out which games they have confirmed to be at E3. While there is no OFFICIAL E3 list for all the games, this list compiles all the games that at the moment publishers have confirmed.

Electroshocked2805d ago

Where does it show that Agent is confirmed for E3 2011? Can you provide a link?

kickarss2805d ago

After several comments we have reviewed the list and found out that agent was included into the confirmed list in error, we apologize for the mistake, the list has been corrected.

DtotheRoc2805d ago

i heard AGENT is axed! as in not ever happening.

tdogchristy902806d ago

This is a question ive pondered. AC talks of something big/conclusion occurring in 2012? Now I can see where they can go and make other stories, but if the current story went past 2012 and releases in say 2013/2014 would that mess with the story? Also if they release an ac in 2011 wouldn't they also want to release one in 2012 since according to AC myth something sort of climax is expected in 2012? Either way it seems like the current story must end before or on 2012 or else releasing a game after the important 2012 date would mess with myth? Thoughts?