Madden 12 Will Ship Regardless of Lockout

As multi-millionaire athletes argue with their multi-millionaire team owners about how hard they have it, us regular working schmucks are left scratching our heads wondering what the hell we're going to do with our Sundays come football season. But even if we can't watch our respective favorite teams (Raiders!) duke it out gridiron style, at least we'll be able to play some virtual football.

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samurailincoln2717d ago

Hopefully we'll just get both the regular season and the game. Fingers crossed.

Sev2717d ago

That'll move the chains!

Taggart4512717d ago

I have an idea! Why don't we go WITHOUT a Madden game for just one year, and see what happens??

knifefight2717d ago

BOOM that's tough actin'!

Koolaye2717d ago

are you kidding? there would be riots. XD If it's one thing I learned, you don't stand in the way between a man and his sports. Oh, and his beer.

Trexman892717d ago

"So even if we don't get to see the real spoiled brats throw down in real life, at least we'll get their virtual counterparts. "


BigWoopMagazine2717d ago

Ha, I wish I could argue with my bosses that I deserve another million dollars, and not only still have a job afterward, but have the distinct possibility of also getting what I want. The idea for me is completely absurd, but damn, I wish...

SuperbVillain2717d ago

yeah but whats the point if theres no real football season

Sev2717d ago

The point is, EA can still make money! In fact, it might even make more money this year without a real NFL season. People will want their NFL fix one way or another.

Blad3star2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

You can always watch the Canadian Football League -_- Go Eskimos

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