Industry Not Ready For Next-Gen Hardware - Analyst

NowGamer: Eric Handler, managing director at MKM Partners thinks that industry calls for new consoles are premature...

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caperjim2806d ago

Seems like developers and some console manufacturers think otherwise. Id believe them over an analyst about whats best for the console industry.

If a new console was launched tomorrow i would be more then happy to make the purchase.

skyward2805d ago

But there's so many current-gen games that aren't out yet which look amazing!

Admittedly, not so many on the 360...

stevenhiggster2805d ago

A handful of developers are talking about it. If anything the console manufacturers are saying it ain't gonna happen any time soon.

SuperM2805d ago

The developers that say they are ready for Next gen are ready. This includes developers like Epic, Dice, Ubisoft, Crytek etc. Ofcourse there are studios that wont be able to handle it that well. But i think alot of the studios that arent ready are just mediocre studios and will eventually disappear anyway, or they are smaller developers that are going to have to focus on downloadable games. I think in the future we will have fewer developers making big budget games but the developers that do will have the best people in the industry and will make kickass games.

chak_2805d ago

next-gen hardware is PC.

MIght sound like flame but... really.

stevenhiggster2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

I dont get why the devs are complaining. Like you say, next gen hardware is already here in the form of the PC, show us what you can do on that then we'll start to talk about new consoles.
PC games always take a leap over console games in the second half of a console gen I dont see this one being any different. Look at games like DOOM 3, and Half Life 2 and others, they came out on PC during the last console gen and they were leaps and bounds above anything any console could do back then.
With the current global economy I think Sony, MS and Nintendo all know it would be suicide to release a new console just now, anyone who thinks otherwise clearly doesnt have a house and car to run, or just has too much money :-(

ufo8mycat2805d ago

ANd that is why I have my doubts on next-gen console hardware.

We already have high-end PC hardware, yet there is not 1 PC game, that truely shows anything amazing.

It's either a bad/average port, or just the same game with better graphics.

How about developers, assisted by the HW, improve on the creativity and innovation of games, to enhance the gameplay, instead of using the HW to enhance the aesthetics.

Maybe they are to afraid to, due to the low sales on the PC platform.

playaplayer2805d ago

PC gaming isn't going to see huge jumps until next gen consoles comes out. You have to remember that AAA games can cost anywhere from 30m-100m dollars. That amount of money isn't justified for a pc only game. The technology is there for next gen consoles. I think MS and Sony are just waiting for silicon prices to drop. So they can get the most bang for the buck.

SuperM2805d ago

Making a PC game that only High end PCs can run is a really bad idea. First off all you cant make it for consoles so you lose alot of potential buyers, and secondly only pc gamers with the newest and best hardware will be able to run your games which means you lose alot of potential buyers there aswell. Still wondering why no PC game have "next gen" graphics yet?

Ducky2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

^ You can always modify the video/system settings to get the game to run across a spectrum of hardware.

So they can make a game that runs fine in medium settings... and then add in some 'very high' setting that showcases what they can do with modern hardware.

I find Stalker to be pretty amazing.

Although you have a point. A lot of the more innovative games I've played (on PC) haven't been hardware hogs.
Recently I've been playing Magicka and enjoying the spell-system, but even my laptop can run that game easily.

Unfortunately, the creativity problem has to do with the industry. Bigger publishers prefer the safe route... and it's often the smaller indie devs that try something different... but they lack the resources to really squeeze the hardware.

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starchild2805d ago

It's true, the PC gives you the most power available at any given point in time. And when next generation consoles arrive I will be able to play all the multiplatform games without even buying a new console. The components in my rig are major overkill on basically every current-gen game and I am pretty sure I will be able to play many next generation multiplats without even upgrading anything. So it's true that the PC in many senses is next-gen hardware.

SuperM2805d ago

I wouldnt be to sure. If you have a PC from 2005/2006 when the Xbox360 and PS3 came out you wont be able to run the most demanding multiplatform games. And the games you actually can run you will have to lower the graphics settings alot.

Since next gen consoles arent even about to come out (probably not before 2013) you can be pretty sure that those consoles will be able to run more demanding games then your PC. That probably wont be a problem with the first games, but once developers really starts to push the consoles then even your PC wont cut it.

ATiElite2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Currently running LGA 1155 Ccore i5 2500K and 560 GTX SLI @ 1000mhz

But I'm looking forward to Intel LGA 2011 and AMD HD7000 series. 6 core Intel Sandy Bridge and 28nm Southern Islands is gonna KILL everything.

DX10 and all it's flaws really slowed down PC Gaming. People don't realize that consoles are irrelevant in regards to PC Gaming and consoles are not holding PC gaming back. Only Lazy Devs and DX10 flaws are holding PC gaming back.

DX11 fixes these many issues and the quality will now continue once Devs understand how to program DX11. Look at Battlefield 3 as the shinning star of great things to come. Forged by Chaos after it plus more Ray Tracing in games. BF3 already makes use of this as the world gets reflected in sniper scopes and in certain items like glass and vases.

Oh by the way consoles still have yet to beat Crysis as far as graphics and Metro 2033 PC crushes Crysis and weak PC systems. These new cards will suffer once more Tessellation is applied but for right now the main benefit is seen when you game in 3D across 3 screens with max quality like i do. GTX 400 and HD 5000 were unable to properly keep up as 480 GTX sli required a Nuclear reactor and HD 5970 had low 3D support.

So step your game up if you think the new GPU's have No uses cause to me they do. Oh plus i edit ans convert a ton of video and GPGPU apps cut this time consuming task down to a handful of minutes.

SuperM2805d ago

It might be next gen in terms of power, but you wont see any games using that power until we have a new generation of consoles

hennessey862805d ago

the ps3 exclusives are showing the limitations of current hardware, only the ps3 fanboys cant see it. Id welcome the next gen with open arms, you cant halt progression.

Fishy Fingers2805d ago

I'd be happy to see a new gen sooner rather than later. Console, are in my opinion cheap when you consider how much use you get from them over say, 5 years.

ufo8mycat2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

I am all up for next-gen hardware now as long as we see developers take advantage of it and show their creativity.

I really am doubting developers though. Look at PC. Same games, just better graphics. Same game.

If theres one group of developers that can make something out of new hw it's Sony's 1st party studios like Naughty Dog.

I don't want to see the same old game next gen, but with better graphics. That gets boring fast (Example Crysis)

How about some creativity and innovation?

Are we just going to see the same old game (COD for example), but just with better graphics? If so, what a waste and will get boring fast, as the gameplay is the same.

Senden2805d ago

Can't believe anyone can disagree with this article.. you'd all be happy spending loads of money on new hardware just to see the same old games with graphical updates?

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